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Summary : Reading most of the reviews, you might get the idea that it's hit or miss with this dealership - I think the key here is who you go to. Carlos Garcia was the one who helped me. If you scroll though the reviews, you'll find nearly every review that mentions Carlos is 5 stars, and from return customers. Review : This was my first time buying a new car, and my first time approaching a dealership; I was bracing for a barrage of sales tricks and cleverly worded pitches, but I got no BS whatsoever : no upselling, no suggestions, no packages, no last minute changes. I told Carlos the exact car I was looking for, all the specific requirements I wanted, and within a day, he located the exact car, traded another dealership, picked it up, and held it at the dealership for me until I could get it that weekend.I had to make two trips because I got there really late on Friday and I couldn't get approved; Any time that Carlos wasn't able to be there, he made sure Phoenix Wong was there to help me; that guy was a lot of fun to talk with.Getting things like new cars isn't easy for me - I just moved out here to LA, don't know many people, don't have any real credit history, don't have family to fall back on, etc. I've been toughing it out on my own, working my way up from a minimum wage job to having a real career to buying my first car - this was an important step for me and I didn't want to get screwed. Despite my fairly complicated situation, Carlos spent the time to figure everything out and get me approved. Even with all the extra work he had to put in to get me going, he gave me a great deal on the car with a monthly far below what other dealerships were offering me, and consistent with everything I researched online. Then came the Finance office : from everything I read, this is the scariest part of any dealership - this is where a sly finance manager makes you sign away far more than you bargained for.  The Finance Manager I worked with was Scott O'Donell. To my surprise, he didn't try to sell me anything, no $1000 wax job, no scam dealership alarm - he simply told me what he had to offer (like a warranty), and made it clear that these things were optional. Then, he went into great detail when I asked him to elaborate what the costs were specifically with each item - he was very clear at showing me exactly what the long-term and short-term costs were, nothing hidden or obscured.Overall, buying a car here was a great experience, I felt very confident with everything I signed, that I understood exactly what I was buying; I suggest you ask for Carlos specifically, and Scott (if there is anyone else in the Finance department). Maybe some of the other sales team here aren't as good, but working with Carlos, Phoenix, and Scott was definitely worth the 5 stars.

Bryant Y.
Los Angeles, CA

Volkswagen Dealer In Glendale, CA

Volkswagen is one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, keeping some of the most impressive names in the automotive industry under its name. But being a global leader doesn’t mean that everything moves too slowly or too quickly on a local level. Here at New Century Volkswagen you will see just how efficient and smooth things can run when you have got the right team working with the right community. Besides, when you shop for a brand new, certified pre-owned, or used vehicle here in the Glendale CA area with us, you now you’re in the right place.

There is no better place to shop for a fantastic new Volkswagen vehicle than right here with us at New Century Volkswagen. We have an impressive lineup of vehicles that include the top selling VW vehicles that you love like the Golf, Jetta and Passat. You can swing by our dealership and take a look at them yourself at 1220 South Brand Blvd. Glendale, CA 91204 or check them out online. We are sure that you can find the perfect vehicle for you right here by shopping with us.

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VW Synthetic Oil Change - $20 mail-in rebate available - Good towards next visit**

Includes: Mail In Rebate Forms Available , See Service Consultant for Details

*** Rebate offered by Castrol. Must present offer at time of write-up. Pricing applies for most models. Model pricing may vary and is subject to change. Pricing includes parts and labor. Taxes are not included. Not to be combined with other offers. Not redeemable for advertised specials, previous purchases, or cash. See rebate form for complete details.

Not valid with any other offers. Expires 12/31/15.