I could write a novel with all the time I have spent at New Century in the past month, but I don't want to relive the disintegration of my daughter's 2001 New Beetle. What started with an oil change quickly become something else, and then something else. Alex was my service coordinator and Mike and the guys really stepped up and did the right thing in every instance. George, Matthew, Harry, Chris...were all so helpful and patient in answering my questions and explaining things (and I am super curious about what goes on under the hood of a VW Beetle). We have a turbo 1.8 with only 81,000 miles on it but it is becoming a money sucker so it may be time to cut our losses. I spent many days in the clean waiting room with the TV on (usually a 4 hour wait for whatever my particular problem was on any given day.)  I could have had a lift home but I like to hang around to observe and ask any questions. Yes, the hourly labor fee here is more than an outside mechanic, but these guys are specially trained VW guys and I've learned VW's are just so complicated. George is head foreman and was always pleasant to deal with, as were all the guys.  My beef is with our old 2001 New Beetle; it is cursed. Only someone who knows how to work on one of these themselves should own one (at least the older models). I am hoping no oil leaks under the car but I expect there will be some in the coming days. There is a squeaking noise I didn't hear before but I'm ignoring that too. Check Engine light will pop on soon too, I'm sure. It never ends with this car and my life it too short. I'm only sorry my 20 year old daughter is petrified to get behind the wheel for some light to come on in the dash or some buzzer to go off. It is not reliable for her to drive back and forth to Central CA for college, so mom may have to give up her Prius and swap with this cursed, darling Isotope yellow new Beetle until I can't stand it anymore and I surrender to selling it. Bottom line is, the service at NCVW was very decent and I have been here many times over the last four years (I have had it serviced elsewhere too; depending on the circumstance) but I know these guys know their stuff and are the experts. I hope they won't be seeing me for six months, until the next oil change, but I am doubtful. My bad car is not their bad service.....great guys all around, very good service. Really. Better luck with your Beetle than mine.12/13/14   Yep, check engine light came on again today, my first time driving it since they changed the third brake light out three days ago. When I first came to New Century the day after Thanksgiving for just the oil change there was nothing needed except the oil change. But three things happened all at once after that oil change that NCVW took care of (my loose "newish" brake light had to be replaced and installed along with two other repairs). Anyway, there was no check engine light on until all this work (and LOTS of my time sitting in their nice waiting room). It's $125 just to have them diagnose (thought they would do it when I paid $105 for them to put in my new brake lamp that I supplied to them). I'm too tired to go back so I'll buy my own VAG OBD2 scanner (should have bought this four years ago) and hopefully diagnose my own problem. Still, I really like the guys at NCVW and if I had cash to burn, would just go to them for everything. Polite and took the time to answer my questions. I wish I was a mechanic.

Debra M.
Glendale, CA

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Volkswagen is one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, keeping some of the most impressive names in the automotive industry under its name. But being a global leader doesn’t mean that everything moves too slowly or too quickly on a local level. Here at New Century Volkswagen you will see just how efficient and smooth things can run when you have got the right team working with the right community. Besides, when you shop for a brand new, certified pre-owned, or used vehicle here in the Glendale CA area with us, you now you’re in the right place.

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