Tim and I acquired a black 2012 GTI from New Century VW in December 2014 - manual transmission, two-door instead of four-door, less than 36K miles, sliding glass sunroof, VW-certified preowned with 2 year/24K mile warranty.The short version - excellent sales and buying experience for us at this dealership. Within 100 miles of Glendale there were two or three other used stick shift two-door GTIs, higher-priced with way more miles. None were black and had the sunroof combined with all the other options we wanted. We were looking at this car before it had been cleaned up and detailed but knew in our minds that this was the exact car after driving it once. When we went back the next afternoon to see it and drive it again, it was with the intention of either buying that one before we left the dealership or not buying a car at all.Amazingly enough, New Century had the best price even before any negotiations - and the negotiations were swift because we had a price in mind and they met it after just one "return trip to talk to the manager".  Sure we could've tried to get more off of the price and I think they would've come down more on it- but we would've paid their original asking price to get it so it's all good.Our sales agent John Kay Chan treated us so nicely throughout the whole process. Perfect combination of friendly and professional - fun to be with on the test drives - no pushing us to buy and no tactics like we've encountered when buying cars in the past, like threatening that other buyers had looked at the car and were serious about it or whatever. That never works on us but it must work on enough people for it to keep happening - but perhaps he knew we might've bolted if we were pushed - or more likely, this guy just doesn't play that type of game with his customers.John gave us two of the best test drives we've ever had, one of them for an extended time on the second visit because he knew we weren't just trying to cruise in the car but were serious about acquiring it. He made sure we were comfortable with the condition of the car when we picked it up and really bent over backwards to do everything fast and right.It's always a risk buying used and the 2 year/ 24K mile warranty definitely has exclusions. John assured us that they go over these cars really well before certifying them because it's on the dealership if something slipped past them. He said they will back it up if anything on the checklist goes wrong and we believe him. Here's hoping all is solid - right now, it seems so. We will see if this car turns on us in the future or if it's one of the good ones.We had secured our own financing before going in and had the paperwork with us - this sped up the process for sure, plus which there was no talk of getting a monthly payment down to a certain number with the four-square sheet or whatever - it was all done ahead of time so it was just sorting out the price and fees. The F & I agent just printed out the forms and we signed them. We were offered extended warranty and multiple other add-on options to roll into the total price but no hard sell in that room, which we really appreciated. The dealership collected our registration fees and submitted the registration paperwork to the DMV. A different dealership had promised to do the same thing for us in the past but then never submitted the paperwork or fees so we ended up paying late fees on top of the registration amount - so I called the DMV a few weeks after this sale to be sure they had everything they needed from New Century VW to get the car registered. I had some concerns about the timeframe because the current registration sticker was expiring in mid-January and when I found out that the DMV didn't yet have the paperwork, I called and then went by the dealership to ask them about it. I can understand that the finance guys might be annoyed by being asked exactly when our paperwork would be processed instead of my being satisfied with the answer that "it's upstairs waiting to be processed". They seemed almost insulted that I didn't just blindly trust them, but there's no way we weren't going to check behind them because of what happened before elsewhere. I explained that we understood that they had many deals at the end of the year and knew there was much more paperwork besides ours - just needed to know all was good from their end because we wanted to avoid any late fees. I'm not sure whether they pushed it through faster than it would've happened or not, but the registration was processed a week before the old one expired, which was perfect. We just got our registration card and sticker in the mail and it was only six weeks after the sale, actually way faster than they had said it would be. Icing on the cake and a credit to New Century because we got a check in the mail from them for $12  - a refund for overpayment of DMV registration fees. Totally fair and honest of them because we never would've known the difference.

Marianne A.
Glendale, CA

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Volkswagen is one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, keeping some of the most impressive names in the automotive industry under its name. But being a global leader doesn’t mean that everything moves too slowly or too quickly on a local level. Here at New Century Volkswagen you will see just how efficient and smooth things can run when you have got the right team working with the right community. Besides, when you shop for a brand new, certified pre-owned, or used vehicle here in the Glendale CA area with us, you now you’re in the right place.

There is no better place to shop for a fantastic new Volkswagen vehicle than right here with us at New Century Volkswagen. We have an impressive lineup of vehicles that include the top selling VW vehicles that you love like the Golf, Jetta and Passat. You can swing by our dealership and take a look at them yourself at 1220 South Brand Blvd. Glendale, CA 91204 or check them out online. We are sure that you can find the perfect vehicle for you right here by shopping with us.

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Special Pricing of $89.95  -- Normally $ 121.95     Tire alignment, also known as wheel alignment, can help your tires perform properly and help them last longer. It can also improve handling and keep your vehicle from pulling in one direction or vibrating strangely on the road. Have our Certified Volkswagen Technicians check your vehicle's alignment . 

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Automatic Transmission Service*

NON-DSG Transmissions . Some Models Factory Recommended Every 50,000 Miles - Regularly priced $335.00 

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Includes: Drain and Fill with Volkswagen Approved Automatic Transmission Fluid.

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DSG Transmission Service*

Factory Recommended Every 40,000 Miles on Most Vehicles equipped with DSG Transmissions  -- Regularly priced  $335.00

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Includes: Drain and Fill with Volkswagen approved transmission fluid , replace filter . Recommended Every 40,000 miles .

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OIL SERVICE SPECIAL 1.8 / 1.4 T ( Synthetic Oil )

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Includes: Our factory certified technicians will drain and replace your old oil with VW approved synthetic oil, replace your oil filter with a Genuine VW filter, perform a battery health check, a brake pad thickness check and a tire tread depth check all for one low price. Come see us at New Century Volkswagen.

*Volkswagens Only . Excludes TDI models, Touaregs, Phaetons, Routans . No coupon needed at time of write up . Haz-Mat Fees and applicable taxes additional .  See service consultant for details.  Castrol Oil  Mail In Rebate Available at time of pick up .

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