2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Glendale CA

2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Glendale CA

There’s a reason hybrid models are still the go-to when it comes to fuel efficiency, despite more and more options hitting the market. Hybrid cars like the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid in Glendale CA offer a practical balance when it comes to range, fuel economy and convenience. Unlike electric cars, the model doesn’t need to be plugged in, but simply uses and electric motor and a 60-cell battery to extend the range and save on fuel. The result is an EPA-estimated 42 city and 48 highway mpg rating.

Naturally, the hybrid system is the main appeal of the Jetta Hybrid, otherwise drivers would select the standard model for a touch more power and at a lower starting cost. This model has more appeal than just fuel economy, as it is only available in the SEL Premium trim. This means it offers a wide-range of features from added style to driver assistance and conveniences. Overall, it’s a well-rounded package that meets shoppers’ needs for safety, style and fuel economy without losing the practical element.

2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid  Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

The Jetta Hybrid has a 25-horsepower engine and 60-cell, 220-volt battery that assist the engine to increase fuel efficiency without needing a plug. It gets an EPA-estimated 42 city and 48 highway mpg rating and a range that reaches up to 571 miles, making it the perfect vehicle for commuters.


2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Features


Premium is right in the trim level name, and this model lives up to the title with features such as rain-sensing windshield wipers, Bi-Xenon headlights, a sunroof, park distance control, Volkswagen App-Connect, a 6.33-inch touchscreen navigation system, dual-zone climate control and keyless access.


2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Performance


Everyone likes impressive fuel economy figures, but not at the expense of a dynamic driving experience. The Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid offers a striking balance as it delivers fantastic fuel economy numbers while still returning 150 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque from the hybrid powertrain.

2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Metallic Gray Color
2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Two-Tone Interior
2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid MIB II Infotainment
2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Keyless-Entry-With-Push-Button-Start

Benefits of driving the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

It would be stating the obvious to go on and on about the fuel economy of the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid, which gains power from the engine and regenerative braking. There are many other reasons to enjoy this model, including improved styling over the base Jetta and an extensive list of features. Test drivers note the quiet ride and comfortable seats, and the seven-speed dual-clutch DSG automatic transmission helps improve its driving impression. The 150 horsepower engine delivers the right amount of power without hurting fuel economy numbers, and it happens to be silent, creating a comfortable atmosphere with low road noise.

Standard features in this model, which only comes in an SEL Premium trim, include a 6.33-inch touchscreen navigation system with proximity sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, the new VW Car-Net App-Connect functions with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, keyless access with push-button start, dual-zone climate control and V-Tex leatherette upholstery.

If you’re considering the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid, stop by New Century Volkswagen to take it for a test drive and discuss your options.

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