2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack vs 2018 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack vs 2018 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

Sporty wagons are perfect for drivers who want the space and utility of an SUV without all the extra cost that can come with it. For year 2018, Volkswagen has two stellar wagon models to choose from, the 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack and the 2018 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen. Each model has something unique to offer its driver, so whether you love the 35 miles per gallon of gas that you get on the highway with the manual Golf SportWagen or the standard 4Motion All-Wheel Drive system in the Golf Alltrack, you know that there's a wagon out there for you.

To give you a better idea of how these two vehicles stack up against each other, take a look as we compare them below.

Test Drive the 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack in Glendale CA

When first looking at the chart, you will immediately notice that the new Golf Alltrack and the new Golf SportWagen are similar in terms of power. Both vehicles offer the same horsepower rating of 170 and the same torque rating of 199 (184 pound-feet with a manual transmission). Both are also created on the same award-winning MQB chassis architecture, just like the other Golf models in the 2018 lineup. However, where these two models really differ is on their all-wheel drive systems. The 2018 Golf Alltrack comes standard with 4Motion All-Wheel Drive with Driving Mode Selection and Off-Road Mode, whereas the 2018 Golf SportWagen does not. You can also only get the 4Motion system on the base model of the SportWagen, meaning that if you want those high-class amenities like heated seats and a moonroof, you are out of luck. However, if those extras aren't appealing to you, the new Golf SportWagen gives you basically the same passenger and cargo space, plus the same power, for a lot less cost.

To compare these two vehicles for yourself, stop by New Century Volkswagen and take each one for a test drive today!