The Volkswagen Arteon may be the newest offering to the VW lineup, but it’s already turning heads and inspiring a new generation of drivers. This premium sedan is a step above the VW Passat in size and luxury, providing that European pedigree for which Volkswagen has made a name for itself.

2019 Arteon Trim Level Comparison
Arteon vs Ford Fusion
Arteon vs Audi A5
Arteon vs CC
Arteon vs Passat
Arteon vs Kia Stinger
Arteon vs Toyota Camry



As the largest model in the Volkswagen lineup, the Atlas is a bit of a giant for what brand enthusiasts may be accustomed to. Clearly, change is appreciated as the model has become a best seller for the German automaker. American families have deemed bigger is better, and VW is on board with the Atlas.

2019 Atlas Trim Level Comparison
Atlas vs Honda Pilot
Atlas vs Subaru Outback
Atlas vs Tiguan
Atlas vs Ford Flex
Atlas vs Nissan Pathfinder
Atlas vs Chevrolet Tahoe
Atlas vs Ford Explorer



The Beetle is one of the most iconic options in the Volkswagen lineup, and it has one of the largest followings. In addition to being a fun model to drive, it has a comfortable interior and retro features like the Kaeferfach glovebox that are a direct reference to the vehicle that started it all for VW.

2019 VW Beetle Trim Level Comparison
Beetle vs Fiat 500
Beetle vs Jetta
Beetle vs Mini Cooper
Beetle vs Ford Focus


Beetle Convertible

Just when you think it can’t get any more fun than the Beetle, there’s a drop top option that adds some natural air-conditioning for the summer sun. This model has all the same style and features as the regular coupe, but with a soft rag top that comes available in two different color options.

2019 Beetle Convertible Trim Level Comparison
Beetle Convertible vs 500c Cabrio


It’s the first electric vehicle for Volkswagen, but with specs like this, the e-Golf won’t be the last. It’s one of the better affordable EVs on the market, plus it doesn’t have the sort of styling that screams to the world that it’s a green machine. But you’ll know it’s true when you skip past the pumps.

2019 e-Golf Trim Level Comparison
e-Golf vs i3
e-Golf vs Leaf



Why is the Golf such a popular option for Volkswagen fans? It could be the attractive yet subtle styling, the fact that it offers impressive features for an economy model or the excellent interior space. Really, it’s all of these things, plus fuel efficiency and cargo space to create a well-rounded option.

2019 Volkswagen Golf Trim Level Comparison
Golf vs Honda Fit
Golf vs Cruze Hatchback
Golf vs Mazda3
Golf vs Focus
Golf vs Mazda3
Golf vs Versa Note

Golf GTI

A hot hatch is the sort of vehicle that offers the best of all worlds. It’s a smart vehicle for commuters and college students thanks to fuel efficiency and a low starting price, but its roominess makes it a great family vehicle. Then there’s the powertrain, which simply makes it a fun car for anyone.

2019 Golf GTI Trim Level Comparison
2018 Golf GTI vs 2018 Subaru WRX
Golf GTI vs Civic Si
Golf GTI vs Focus ST
Golf GTI vs Golf R
Golf GTI vs Civic
Golf GTI vs Subaru WRX
Golf GTI vs Golf R

Golf R

Is the Golf family expanding too much? While it may seem a family reunion would fill a parking lot, the Golf R proves every model has its place and offers something unique. Where the GTI offers a fun drive, the R is the vehicle to beat when it comes to real thrills and ultimate performance.

Golf R vs Golf R w/DCC
Golf R vs Audi S3
Golf R vs Focus RS


Golf Alltrack

Who says station wagons aren't made for adventure? No one ever said this to Volkswagen, and that's clear by the addition of the Golf Alltrack to its lineup. This member of the Golf family comes with standard all-wheel-drive and protective underbody cladding for all your offroad weekend adventures.

Golf Alltrack Trim Level Comparison
Golf Alltrack vs Mazda CX-3
Golf Alltrack vs Subaru Crosstrek
Golf Alltrack vs Golf SportWagen
Golf Alltrack vs Honda HR-V


Golf SportWagen

Some say the station wagon has died out, but the Golf SportWagen proves that it’s still a desirable option for families. It has much of the same styling and features as the standard Golf, but it takes families into account by offering roof rails and more cargo for adventures and sports gear.

2019 Golf SportWagen Trim Level Comparison
Golf SportWagen vs Toyota Prius v
Golf SportWagen vs Audi Allroad
Golf SportWagen vs Volvo V60
Golf SportWagen vs Jetta SportWagen



Those who think bigger is better aren’t considering the fact that not everyone needs much room. When you drive a compact car you get all the benefits of high fuel economy and easy maneuverability, not to mention a low starting price. It doesn’t hurt that the Jetta is also an attractive model.

2019 Jetta Trim Level Comparison
2019 Jetta vs 2018 Mazda3
Jetta vs Civic
Jetta vs Passat
Jetta vs Focus
Jetta vs Corolla
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Jetta vs Passat



When it comes to midsize sedans, you can’t go wrong with the Volkswagen Passat. This roomy model is a step up in interior space, and has a quiet cabin outfitted with premium materials, without coming with a premium pricetag. It doesn’t hurt that it comes with an available V6 for more power.

Passaat trim level comparison
Passaat vs Accord
Passat vs Sonata
Passat SE vs SE w/Tech
Passat vs Jetta
Passat vs Camry




Doesn’t every driver secretly want the finer things in life? Even if you’re on a budget, the Tiguan offers a nice balance in price and features, and its plushy interior can’t be beat by any other vehicle in its class. It also has a potent engine, as a strong reminder that an SUV should have sporty performance.

2019 Tiguan vs 2019 Ford Escape
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