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No matter how great we may think we are, if our customers aren’t happy then we aren’t happy. That being said, we at New Century Volkswagen are proud that our community of Glendale and beyond has welcomed us and been very happy with the work that we do. Take a look at what your peers have to say about us, you won’t regret it.

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Arnaud D., Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom 31 Jan 2019
The best experience buying a car!!
I just relocated from London and was looking to buy a car on finance. As I do not have much credit history, I was struggling to find anyone willing to grant me a finance until I met the New Century Volkswagen's team.

I never write reviews usually, but th
...e experience was so amazing that I feel that I have to share it.
First of all, big thanks and hugs to Pamela who is the nicest person! She made the waiting time fun and she went the extra mile all along the buying process to make sure we were satisfied.
She even drove us to enterprise to drop our rental car after she had finished her shift!!!

Big thanks to Sam, the manager, as well! Because of the lack of credit history, I was offered 20% APR by every credit third party, but Sam was determined to get us a better deal, and he managed to deliver excellent results!
We finally came out with a brand new 2019 Jetta with a 6.4% APR. Thanks again for that!!

The whole team was amazing, and I highly recommend anyone who
Is looking to get the best experience and the best deal buying a car to visit New Century Volkswagen!

Many thanks to Pamela! You're the best!
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Charlie P., Los Angeles, CA 14 Jan 2019
Oscar Garcia did an amazing job trying to help us buy our leased Tiguan. It took 4 1/2 hours and he kept up his spirits and speed wonderfully all without taking a lunch break and staying overtime. We appreciated it so much because we got the most out of all the time we spent waiting for paperwork. I...'m sure all the workers at Volkswagen are wonderful but Oscar really shined and we would trust him to help us with any other purchase we do with VW. Thanks a bunch Oscar!! Show more
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Katie O., Los Angeles, CA 09 Jan 2019
I will never work with another car dealer again -- Carlos Garcia at VW has been helping me for a number of years on leases with VW. I live on the westside so it is a serious schlep to Glendale and I made the mistake of going to a more convenient dealership the last time my lease was up. I won't make... that mistake again. I went back to Carlos this time after a very frustrating experience in Santa Monica getting upsold and the run around on numerous things. Carlos is super knowledgeable and most refreshingly, never tries to sell me stuff I don't need. I've dealt with him twice in six years and he always gets me the best price. Highly, highly recommend him. Show more
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Shirley J., Los Angeles, CA 29 Nov 2018
They do a very good job on my car. Don't have to wait to long and they wash it also, I have no complaints about the service. Would go back a
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Michael A., Glendale, CA 08 Nov 2018
I realize that reviews of Car Dealerships, Gas Stations, Car Washes,
the Auto Club, Towing Services, etc. are looked upon here as "fillers": reviews to help you get to the pantheon of 100 reviews a year. For some this may be true but for me it is not. These reviews are often the most important r
...eviews on Yelp i feel. I mean a bad meal or cocktail or a snitty server will not kill you but an improperly operating car might.
The way i regard these types of reviews are like this: What is one of the most important relationships in your life, inanimate relationships that is. Without too much doubt it is the relationship you have with your car.
When your car is running correctly: it is at least one thing in these harried times that you need not worry. You can toot around town listening to EDM or Rage against the Machine or Beethoven's 9th at maximum volume happy that your car is clean, running well, gassed to the max, confident that even if you have a breakdown that there is somebody that will come to your assistance with just a phone call.
So today my car decided to give me a big hint that it's power plant, the battery was none to happy with being depended upon, used as it were always going to give its all yet also pretty much ignored for 3 years and 2 months. It started my car today...but just barely. I knew what to do: i drove to my dealer, a tear in my eye (what have i done???!!) and had it tested and decided to buy new.
Alex in his capacity as a service rep offered me a great trade in price and an even better deal on a new battery which featured 100% replacement within 3 years with the percentages going down as the battery aged.
To be honest a little schmoozing went on between the two of us as we are both active (rather than passive) negotiators. Many people just take what they are offered i surmise because they feel that they are victims in this kind of salesman/customer relationship. They seem to say, subconsciously project the thought: Help me! I'll pay anything! Not me.
As my long departed Gramps used to tell me: Son, who is paying whom in this relationship? Who really holds the cards or more to the point: who holds the cash? I never forgot that. A good lesson to learn and onto which to cleave in all service situations whether it be at a car dealership, a restaurant or a massage parlor.
In any event Alex gave me excellent service and i'm going to surmise he demanded the same from his service department because i was in and out within an hour...and all this was w/o an appointment. These negotiations are tricky because, as opposed to what i thought i knew, the service department in most dealerships is run/owned by another company. It's a concession. So it can be sticky and often is. Live and learn.
As Brian Tracy said: "Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are likewise in balance."
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Ben Griffiths 31 Oct 2018
Worked with Carlos and John. Called and negotiated everything by phone. The entire experience was simple and straightforward. Thanks guys, I love my new Golf R!
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Marina A., Burbank, CA 30 Oct 2018
We decided to lease the beauty 2018 Atlas recently. We have leased multiple vehicles from different dealerships before, but Mr. Carlos Garcia was the most helpful as he assisted us in making the right and best choice.
He allowed me to take my time and test drive his own Atlas. It was our first ti at VW dealership on Brand blvd. and I want to give a huge thanks to Carlos Jan
Levik & Marina
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Brock A., Los Angeles, CA 21 Oct 2018
Came in on a Saturday afternoon after emailing back and forth with Jonathan and Barkev and I couldn't have had a better experience. Jonathan was ready with my information and the car I wanted to test drive when I arrived-15 minutes earlier than my actual appointment.

After a quick test drive
... Jonathan powered through all the paperwork in what felt like was a fraction of the time compared to when I last went through this process.

While waiting for the Sales Manager to finish with another customer, Jonathan took the time to sit me in my new car and explain all the buttons, switches and features to me. Shortly after this, the Sales Manager, Sergio, was ready for me to come finalize the paperwork, which he also did quickly and efficiently.

All said and done, the entire process took just about 3 hours, including test drives and the time it took for them to wash and gas up my new car. Unfortunately, the Toyota dealership next door was not at all helpful in my attempt to return my previous leased vehicle, but the team at New Century saved the day and arranged to have my old car driven to my home when I left with my new car.

Go here. Go talk to Jonathan and Barkev.
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David K., Los Angeles, CA 12 Oct 2018
This was by far the easiest and most honest car buying process I have ever experienced. I was looking to lease a Jetta for my daughter.
After I did some online research. I contacted the sales person Carlos Garcia by phone and told him what I was looking for and how I wanted to lease the car, no down. He was very patient and explained my options. He let me know what they had in inventory and suggested that I look at the colors I wanted on the Volkswagen website and he would show show us the car and let us test drive it when we came in. We went to the dealer in the evening and Carlos had the car ready for us. The business was simple, $1000 rebate no tricks or hidden costs. In a little more than an hour we were in the car and Carlos went over all of the technical features with my daughter and let us know if we had any questions in the future to give him a call. Show more
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Jose Hernandez 04 Oct 2018
Visit was great. Although, it took longer than expected to receive my car after an oil change (appointment made). Tech showed me what my car needed as it was up in the air.
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