Volkswagen First Time Buyer Program Glendale CA

Guy in suit with lady holding car keys and First Time Buyer Program banners

It seems that if you don’t have a credit history, you’ll never be able to start one. What are you to do if you need a new vehicle but have no previous debt? Here at your Glendale, CA dealership, New Century Volkswagen, we’ve got good news for you. You’re eligible for this special program if you’ve never financed a vehicle. The Volkswagen First Time Buyer Program was designed specifically for people just like you.

When we say finance, we mean it. This program is for anyone who has never purchased a Volkswagen model from a dealership and financed it. Have you owned a used vehicle, but you got it on the cheap? That’s none of our business. This program is for those who have no automotive credit history and are afraid this will prevent them from getting a vehicle.

What is the VW First Time Buyer Program?

OK, so you know if you are eligible in the most basic sense, but what else do you need to know? Naturally, you also need to be able to afford your vehicle, which is why you must also be employed full-time and have worked at your current job for at least a full year. You must also be a citizen or permanent resident. Having a credit history is not required for the program, making it ideal for those who haven’t yet established credit. If you do have a credit history, though, it must be in good standing and you must receive credit approval through VW Credit.

Vehicles that are eligible for the program include new VW models, certified pre-owned ones and used Volkswagen inventory.

Excited to get into a new vehicle for the first time? Here’s what to bring with you when you visit us here at New Century Volkswagen:

  • Proof of income and one-year, full-time employment
  • A contact name/phone number from Payroll or HR at your employer
  • Documentation to verify address and phone number
  • Social Security card
  • Two personal references, one of which must be a relative

Have any questions about the VW First Time Buyer Program? Contact us here at New Century Volkswagen.