2017 Volkswagen Golf optimal tire pressure

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We all know the Volkswagen Golf as one of the world’s favorite hatchbacks, creating affinity with drivers who love its versatility and undying commitment to your satisfaction behind the wheel. However, it’s only able to perform so well due to its tires, which need to be inflated to the correct level for best performance. Today we’ll take you through the 2017 Volkswagen Golf optimal tire pressure!

2017 Volkswagen Golf Comfort and Standard tire levels
Before we begin, we should mention how important tire pressure is to your vehicle; keeping them at the right levels can help to significantly improve fuel economy and reduce wear on your suspension, two factors that are quite important to getting the most out of your Golf. Something unique to the 2017 Golf is that it provides two types of drive styles for you, all having to do with your tires’ inflation levels.

The first level available on the Golf, “Standard,” is the optimal tire pressure level you should be keeping all four of yours at: 37 psi. However, “Comfort” mode is also widely accepted by Golf drivers; it has a pressure level of 33 psi and is sought after by drivers who are looking for a smoother ride. However, keeping your tires underinflated like this can increase their rolling resistance, which can decrease efficiency and increase strain on your drivetrain. Either way, they’re both viable options for the type of experience you want on the road!

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Keep in mind also that the 2017 Golf is outfitted with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which utilizes internal sensors to keep tabs on your tires. If they detect over or under-inflation, you’ll see an alert to fix the problem. Don’t forget, if you have any more questions about the 2017 Golf and its features, feel free to contact our team here at New Century Volkswagen! We’re more than happy to help you out with anything you’d like to know about the Golf family. Come see us today!

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