Do you really need the 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance Package?

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Benefits of the Golf GTI Performance Package
At this point we all have certain expectations for basic features and build in a car, and there are few excuses for automakers not to deliver a quality vehicle. Which leaves shoppers to consider features which previously may not have been affordable, like performance and style packages. Those who opt for the 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI are unlikely to be considering the model if the sporty hot hatch styling and handling aren’t topping their lists of must-have features, as the standard Golf is more affordable. But decidedly less fun. When it comes down to getting the most fully loaded model, we’re often left to debate the benefits of the Golf GTI Performance Package, and whether it’s really worth it.

Price of the Golf GTI Performance Package2016 VW Golf differential
If you’re picking considering the 2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI as your next car, there’s a good chance you’re not naïve about engine tuning. The $1,495 price tag is hardly appealing when considering it increases the horsepower of the 2.0-liter turbo four from 210hp to 220hp. Is the extra acceleration a benefit? Sure. But not one that won’t be achieved, and likely surpassed, by engine the tuning you’re planning to do anyway.

Let’s say it’s safe to assume the extra horsepower is there for those who like the idea of better performance, but aren’t necessarily committed to upgrading their GTI much past the factory-built one they receive. It’s certainly nice, but absolutely not where we get the sticker price for the package. So what does make it worth it?

Upgrades in the GTI Performance Package
The extra horsepower may be small, but it’s enough for Volkswagen to offer upgrades to accommodate the additional power, which is where the Performance Package really becomes appealing. There are two major equipment upgrades that performance-minded shoppers cannot ignore: larger vented disc brakes and a limited-slip differential.

More upgrades: 2015 Golf GTI Adaptive Suspension System

2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI Vented Disc BrakesMany people overlook brakes when it comes to performance because you want to accelerate faster, right? When it comes to drivers who are considering getting their GTI track-ready, the larger brakes can’t be underestimated. The standard GTI comes with 10.7-inch solid rear discs and 12.4-inch vented front discs. These are upgraded with the performance package with 12.4-inch rear vented discs and 13.4-inch vented front discs. A larger diameter brake means faster deceleration when needed, and the added GTI logo never hurts for style.

The feature which really makes the Performance Package worth the cost in the eyes of many is the VAQ torque-sensing limited-slip differential. This feature works by sensing slips and transferring torque to wheels which are not slipping. The system is continuously monitoring each wheel, which means even a slight loss of traction will be adjusted for before you even notice it. This will, again, be most noticeable for those who plan on driving the GTI on a track, but won’t be unappreciated in rainy or otherwise slippery weather either.

When performance is on the top of your list, the Performance Package in the Golf GTI does just what it claims. Find out for yourself if it’s worth it by scheduling a test drive at New Century Volkswagen, and be sure to continue reading our blog for more information on packages, features and VW release dates.

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