Premium sound systems in your VW enhance your road trip music

June 15th, 2015 by

Difference between Volkswagen Dynaudio and Fender Premium sound system
When it comes to upgrading your new car choice, some features may seem more worth it than others. Air-conditioning is always a must-have, and luckily Volkswagen doesn’t make that cost a premium, but an upgraded sounds system is usually something worthy of consideration for music lovers. Depending on the VW model, the upgraded sound system may be either a Dynaudio or Fender model, but what is the difference between Volkswagen Dynaudio and Fender Premium sound system? While the sound system alone may not be the sole reason you choose between models, it never hurts to figure out what makes each feature comparable to others.

Volkswagen Premium Audio
Which 2015 models have each premium option?
This year it looks like Dynaudio is mostly out and Fender is mostly in, with the Dynaudio option only found in the CC and Eos. The Fender option is available in all the most popular models, including the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta and the entire 2015 Volkswagen Golf lineup. This alone may make it appear as if they Fender is the audio system to beat. Remember, though, that Fender is a pretty recognizable name even for those who don’t aren’t knowledgeable on stereo systems. It only makes sense for Volkswagen to choose a well-known brand.

The rare but worthy Dynaudio
VW Dynaudio Sound System Is it the price that throws people off, or the name? Dynaudio, a Danish sound system company well-known for home stereo systems, is fairly popular in the Volkswagen models found in Europe, but its availability is slipping here in America. This sound system is a 600-watt beast featuring up to ten speakers and ten digital amplifiers with Digitial Sound Processor technology, with the amount of speakers depending on the model. Speakers include two 28-ml fabric tweeters in the front, two 20-ml fabric tweeters in the rear, two 52-ml fabric speakers in the middle and four woofers in the doors. To sum it up, no one in your car will miss a beat when you have a Dynaudio system.

How is the VW Premium Fender audio system different?
While the Fender may be more common, for those who are familiar with the Volkswagen lineup, it’s noticeably not the option for the more luxurious CC and Eos models. This isn’t to say it isn’t a fantastic sound system. In fact, the untrained ear may not even notice the difference between the two, but the Fender does only have a 400-watt amplifier. The speaker placement and type are highly dependent on the model chosen, but generally it falls around eight.

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