Has the Volkswagen Touareg Been Discontinued?

February 14th, 2018 by

For this year and the years to come, the name of the automotive game is “SUV”. And because Volkswagen has been pushing its SUV lineup to buyers across the globe, we are seeing an increase of VW SUV purchases. However, one long-standing model is getting axed from the U.S. market. We are sad to say that the Touareg will no longer be available here on U.S. soil. So, what went wrong with the Touareg that Volkswagen decided it no longer would be sold in the United States? Keep reading to find out.

Volkswagen Touareg Overview
The Touareg has long since been known as Volkswagen’s premium SUV, sporting many luxury features such as high-quality seating surfaces, touchscreen navigation and infotainment, and standard 4Motion all-wheel drive. This midsize crossover also offered plenty of interior space, accommodating 5 passengers comfortably and giving them 32.1 cubic feet cargo space for all their belongings. Add in a brawny engine that could reach up to 280 horsepower, 266 lb-ft of torque, and tow nearly 8,000 pounds, and it is hard to imagine why Volkswagen would ever want to get rid of such a spectacular vehicle.

2017 Volkswagen Touareg driving on county road

What Will Replace the Volkswagen Touareg?
So, what went wrong? First, numbers have been routinely down for the Touareg ever since a few years ago. This is partly due to the fact that its starting MSRP was much higher compared to the other SUVs in the Volkswagen lineup. Because the next option was the fun and spirited Tiguan, drivers could choose to outfit that SUV with all best amenities while still coming in at a smaller price point. Volkswagen reps stated that the focus for the 2018 model year is the all-new Atlas and redesigned Tiguan, so efforts went to pushing those vehicles instead. In addition to the SUVs, VW wants to expand its electric vehicle lineup by 2020, leaving no room for the Touareg.

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