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How to pair to VW App-Connect
Pairing your smartphone to your infotainment system is a quick way to make driving safer as you take away the need to unnecessary bring your small phone screen within eyesight every time you wish to change a song or feel that need to answer a phone call. Learning how to pair to VW App-Connect before you start driving is the best way to get connected safely and quickly.

Benefits of Volkswagen App-ConnectVolkswagen MIB II Infotainment App-Connect
Lately, it feels like we’re beating a dead horse in talking about the MIB II infotainment system. With Volkswagen models primarily rolling over from last year, with the exception of the 2016 Volkswagen Passat, many of the models see few changes aside from the new touchscreen system. Still, it isn’t a feature that should be overlooked. For many years features like navigation have been set as a premium, “available,” feature, despite the easy access we have to GPS applications on our phones. While there are still units that will include built-in navigation that is possibly better than what your phone offers, for many people the phone app is enough. This is where the App-Connect features come in. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink offer a variety of ways to connect your smartphone and have access to apps like navigation, radio and phone features, allowing for use right with the MIB II system.

The advantage to having apps working right with the touchscreen head unit is likely obvious. There’s no fumbling one-handed with a phone as you go through the motions of unlocking the tiny screen and accessing the apps. The touchscreen interface looks similar to the screen you are already accustomed to, and is within easy reach. Things like answering phone calls and switching song tracks can also be performed with the buttons on the multi-function steering wheel, along with a variety of voice-activated commands. Basically, the new system takes away many of the distractions smartphones bring to the driving experience.

How to pair your Android smartphone with App-Connect
In some cases pairing your smartphone with Bluetooth can be a bit complicated, but this isn’t the case with the App-Connect system. Apple CarPlay is so easy to connect to, you simply plug your phone in and it should recognize if you have the CarPlay app immediately. MirrorLink and App-Connect are slightly more involved, but connecting is the same for both and isn’t at all complicated.

Both the radio system in your VW and your smartphone need to be turned on, and your phone will need to be unlocked. Android Auto will also require you to have a Google account that you are logged into.
Hit the Menu hard button on the right edge of the touchscreen system.
The touchscreen will show App-Connect as a middle option on the touchscreen. Tap the button to access the features.
In the bottom right of the touchscreen, hit the “Setup” button and change the preferred connection from MirrorLink to Android Auto and uncheck the “Activate data transmission for VW apps” box.
Plug the appropriate USB cord for your device into the port in your Volkswagen and the other end into your phone.
Press the “Device List’ button on the touchscreen from the App-Connect menu. It may take a moment to find your device, but once it does press your device name on the screen.
The screen will tell you data will be transferred between your phone and the unit once connection is complete. Press OK.
A warning to pay attention to driving and not use your mobile phone while driving will come up. Hit accept to begin using apps
It may look like a lot to have eight steps, but the whole process should take no more than a minute and you’ll be able to safely use all the features you’re already tempted to use, but in a safer way.

We hope you found these instructions helpful. We’re frequently writing about new VW models and features, so be sure to check back here at the New Century Volkswagen Blog for more.

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