What is that light blinking in my Volkswagen gauge cluster?

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Volkswagen dashboard warning lights meaning
No matter how good we are about maintenance, it happens to the best of us. We’re driving down the street, minding our own business, when suddenly a light pops up on our dashboard. Some we understand, like the chipper green image that lets us know our cruise control is working, but others are a bit more ominous, especially if the warning isn’t entirely clear. A quick review of the Volkswagen dashboard warning lights meaning for each symbol can help shed any confusion.

Which VW dashboard warning symbols are the worst?
Let’s face it, the first thing we think when we see a light pop up, is the potential for an expensive repair or the awful concept that we may be left stranded. Fortunately, warning symbols are arranged in much the same way traffic lights are. If you see a green light, you’re most likely just noticing it for the first time. These lights typically just indicate that some function is activated, or as a reminder to apply the brakes to shift gears. Yellow lights more closely describe the idea of warning, much like a yellow light. They let you know something is wrong, and you’ll want to look into it as soon as possible, but you won’t be killing before you make your way home. Red lights are the worst, and often mean you should stop. For more specific details on any one symbol, click the image.

Volkswagen-Shift LockVolkswagen Daytime Running LightsVW Tire Pressure MonitoringVolkswagen Steering SystemVW Rain Sensor Malfunction
VW Particulate Filter Diesel EnginesOil level lowLow Fuel LevelLicense Bulb License Plate Bulb FailureImmobilizer
Fuel Cap Off Or MissingElectronic Stability ControlElectronic Power Control Exhaust GasDiesel Engine Pre-Glow Before Engine Start UpBulb Failure
Brake Light Bulb FailureAutomatic Transmission MalfunctionAirbagsAdBlue System MalfunctionAdBlue Low Fluid
Brake Pad Wear IndicatorsWasher Fluid LowEngine Malfunction On board DiagnosticsAnti-Lock BrakesOil Pressure Warning
Hybrid Drive System MalfunctionVW Parking Brake WarningHood-OpenElectric Parking Brake Warning LightDSG Transmission Too Hot
Alternator Low Voltage

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There you have it, our complete list of Volkswagen dashboard warning lights. Remember, it’s always safest to get your vehicle checked out if you’re unsure whether an issues is serious. Even when you know what a symbol means, it can be a tad vague. The check engine light, for example, has a variety of reasons for turning on, and some are far more worrisome than others. Our experts here at New Century Volkswagen would be happy to help you diagnose an issue.

We hope this list was helpful. Remember, we’re frequently updating here at the New Century Volkswagen Blog, so be sure to come back for more tips and tricks along with interesting VW news.

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