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What do all the VW acronyms stand for?
You know what’s not so fun about shopping for a new car? Automakers are fond of acronyms. Not everyone can be expected to be an expert, especially when so many drivers are just looking for something simple and reliable. If you’re doing the research and asking yourself, “What do all the VW acronyms stand for?” you’ve come to the right place. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but we’re here to define all those pesky letter combinations so you can focus on the things you care about.

What does MK, TSI, etc stand for in VW?
We work with VW models every day, so naturally we’re so engrossed in things we often forget that you might not know what a TSI engine is. Are we just trying to trick you with fancy marketing? As you can see below, each acronym has a meaning, and it’s mostly not a cruel attempt to convince you our vehicles have patented technology that other automakers just aren’t clever enough to conceive of. No, we rely on quality, and the acronyms are simply a way to abbreviate concepts. We swear!

ACC: Adaptive cruise control is simply a relatively new driver assistance feature that adapts the speed based on traffic ahead, so you don’t have to. Sometimes we don’t notice just how much slower a vehicle ahead is, but this system uses sensors in the front to help.

AWD/FWD/RWD/2WD: All these WD acronyms simply refer to your drivetrain. All-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive and two-wheel drive.Golf MKI GTI

CPO: A certified pre-owned car is a used car that undergoes rigorous 112-point inspection, has 75,000 or fewer miles, is no older than 6 model years and comes with a 2-year warranty. For VW, this is called the WorldAuto CPO program.

DCC: This one you’ll only see if you are scoping out performance options. Dynamic chassis control is an electronically controlled damping system to give drivers more control over steering function and suspension, with normal, comfort and sport modes to adapt to different driving desires and road conditions.

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Mk: When you look at used vehicles, you might notice that this acronym follows the name, like a Golf Mk5, which also might be written in Roman numerals like MKV. What does this mean? Vehicles are offered in generations, or “marks.” When you see this abbreviation, it’s basically saying the Mark 5 (fifth generation) Golf. A generation can represent a number of years with only minor changes, with new generations indicating a complete redesign. The Golf is currently in the 7th generation (MkVII).

TSI/TDI: These letters aren’t just fancy acronyms to make the engine sound special. TSI stands for turbocharged stratified injection, which means the model has a turbocharger, and a stratified injection engine inject fuel into the cylinder before injection. By now, most people probably know the TDI is a diesel engine, and the TSI is a gasoline one.

We could go on and on with abbreviations in the automotive world, but these are the top ones that confuse new drivers. Is there one you’d like us to add that you keep coming across? Leave a comment below and we’ll add it to the list, otherwise be sure to stop back here at the New Century Volkswagen Blog for more updates.

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