Climate control offers a complex temperature control option

July 16th, 2018 by

What’s the difference between Climatic and Climatronic A/C?
When you purchase a new vehicle, you’re likely to run into features you never thought about previously. Most Americans wait years before updating their vehicle, which means a new model can sometimes feel foreign. Even when it comes to the simplest of features. Take air conditioning as an example. When you buy a Volkswagen, you’ll find there are two common names used, the Climatic or Climatronic A/C. What’s the main difference between these? Basically, you have manual A/C vs automatic climate control.

What does automatic temperature control do?
Manual heating and air conditioning used to be the norm. You had one knob that you turned to different levels of hot and cold and it would blow hot or cold air at a consistent temperature until you turn it down or off. A separate knob for a blower would distribute air more quickly. Simple. In VW, this is your Climatic unit.

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So what does Climatronic do? The difference here is that you can choose a temperature. Say you find 72 degrees to be the ideal? The system automatically controls the blower and heat setting so that you achieve that perfect temperature. Monitoring systems take into account intensity and position of the sun and overall outside temperature to determine how best to achieve the temperature you have set. A quick defrost button is also present to automatically blow hot air at the highest speed, though this isn’t a feature we often use in our area.

Naturally, you’ll find larger vehicles may have two or three zones of air conditioning. This means that the front passenger or rear passengers may also have their own controls, so that everyone in the vehicle can be comfortable. Do you have any other questions about features on options in Volkswagen models? Leave a comment here at the New Century Volkswagen Blog.